Bare Knuckle Fight Club - 60'

At the heart of the fight club is Shaun Smith – a former enforcer in one of the UK’s biggest criminal gangs. Shaun spent time inside, but since coming out of prison he’s gained notoriety as a debt collector. But now, with the police on his tail, he’s determined to make bare knuckle pay. This is a world of disenfranchised men – some, like Shaun, trying to make a living in the grey economy, others out of kilter in a world that no longer values their muscle and aggression. We meet wives and girlfriends who claim they love seeing their partners fight - the bloodier the bout the better – and others desperate for them to stop, particularly when there are babies on the way.

What drives these men to such brutal extremes? How do they balance fighting and family? And as the crowds and the fight nights get bigger and more brutal, can they ever escape their pasts with their fists?

Also available: 3 x 60’