Story of God with Morgan Freeman S2, The

After the international, critical success of season one, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman returns for a second season of this epic series, taking viewers around the world on a quest to understand the connections and common ground between the world’s major religions.

Each episode examines a different big theme: Why do we need Chosen Ones? What are Heaven and Hell? Can we find Proof of God? To explore each of these topics, Freeman meets with followers of every kind of religion, from a nine-year-old boy in Minnesota who is a reincarnated Tibetan Lama, to a woman who “speaks in tongues” as part of her Pentecostal faith, to a man who felt God’s presence when he survived the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. These themes come alive in the Golden Temple of the Sikh faithful in India, the Christian celebration of Meskel in Ethiopia, and the piercing rituals of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Thailand.

Freeman speaks to people from all cultures and faiths with an easy intimacy, and his curiosity and fascination with the subject of religion is genuine. His incredible journey shows that the big questions in life are universal human concerns, no matter to which religion we adhere.

Season one debuted with 3.5 million viewers in the U.S., making it the most watched non-scripted broadcast in more than 15 years on the National Geographic Channel.

Nominated for Outstanding Informational Series or Special, 2016 Emmy Awards
Available in 4K

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  2. The Chosen One

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  3. Proof of God

    Many have faith in God, but is there proof of a divine presence? Morgan Freeman...