In a landscape where rain is rare, Africa’s big cats lead a predictable life. But then, for a few intense weeks, dramatic storms transform their world, shattering their routine. They must hunt or starve. For some young cats, the wet season is a time of play; for some a time of reckoning; for others, a final chance to master survival.
Storm Cats follows the lives of three generations of big cats during the fleeting wet season in Botswana. We witness a lioness stealing from a pack of wild dogs to feed her cubs, and see four young cheetahs that don’t have what it takes to bring down a wounded wildebeest. As the wet season gets into full swing, the land transforms. Impala ewes drop their lambs, providing easy prey for the inexperienced cheetahs - but the young cats lose their meal to a hyena.
Finally the well-watered plains lure herds of migrants to the lions’ territory. This means plenty of food for the lions, if they can use the driving rains to their advantage. As the season draws to a close, the cheetahs master the art of killing; the male lions are on final notice; and for the little lions cubs, hunting school has just begun.